Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring Has Sprung!!

So the saying goes, 
"No matter how long the winter, 
spring is sure to follow!"

... and it's HERE!!

Cheers to the season of tulips!

How beautiful are these peony tulips?

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wednesday's Wedding Inspired Bliss ~ Ginger Jar Designs

I shared yesterday my new found affinity for Ginger Jars and I don't just want to collect them for decorating - I want them for flowers and table decor too! 

Wednesday's Wedding Inspired Bliss is found in the Ginger Jar and the varying displays you can create with these fabulous treasures!

Love this tables cape. The Ginger Jars provide great height to the table!

A little something blue for your tablescape

I spy ginger jars with tulips!

Smaller Ginger Jars can be used as bud vases

Imagine this beautiful display of white hydrangea and Ginger Jars on your events entry hall table... or the guest book table... Or the escort card table. Fairly simple arrangement (assuming you have the Ginger Jars, of course)

Blue and white Ginger Jars with purple and green flowers

Again, the Ginger Jar provides a great vase for flowers that will give your table some height

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tuesday's Treasure ~ Ginger Jars

It's been a while since we've gone on a TT&B treasure hunt but I have been hunting and want to bring you up to speed! 
Ginger jars.
Love them.
So many things you can do with them; they go everywhere! While I don't have any surfaces to put them at the moment (another post to come on that, I need some bookshelves!) but that doesn't mean I can't start collecting!

So, here we go. Ginger jars. 
Ginger jars have a long line of history amongst Chinese culture. According to most resources, "A Ginger Jar is shaped with a wide mouth, a domed lid and a bulging, bulbous spherical hand painted body. They come in various styles and sizes and in many different colors. The true Chinese antique Ginger Jar is made of porcelain and hand painted. The jars acquired the name “Ginger Jars” because they often contained ginger (which was one of the most valuable spices at the time) when they were exported to the West."

So my lovelies, Ginger Jar treasures to fill your home on this fine Tuesday!

Ginger jars on the sideboard

Ginger jars on the mantel

Stone ginger jars adorn a console table

Ginger jar collection in the foyer, which I am loving everything about: the gallery wall, the lamps, the antlers, the colors!

Beautiful for ginger jar display for your outdoor living room

How cute are these Ginger Jars?

Monday, January 27, 2014

Metallic Monday

I'm not sure what to say about last night's Grammys... I am going to put my thoughts on the show itself to rest and just harp on how much I loved Taylor Swift's outfit. Whatever your opinion of her, she killed it!

So with that, a few metallic get-ups to make your Monday sparkle 
(and a few other thoughts!)

is to die for. 
No matter your thoughts of Taylor, she killed it. 
Though she had some funny moments of the evening, this dress tops everything. Every little thing about it is stunning. This dress is likely going to top all award show fashion for me this year!

Chrissy Teigen pulled off this metallic number

Ciara rocked this Pucci... pregnant!

Rita Ora's isn't my favorite of the metallics but still metallic none the less 
(and I have seen way worse.) 

Though they didn't go the metallic route...

Can we talk about how beautiful Miranda Lambert looks? I dont know what she is eating and what workout she's doing, but I want in! She looks fabulous!

Love Giuliana Rancic's Alex Perry number

Umm... where did Paris Hilton come from? No comment on the dress but merely sharing that I feel like she came out of the woodwork here! 

Let's talk supporting details for a second...

Again, TSwift killed it in the makeup and jewels category. 

Miranda is glowing. Her earrings are amazing too. Again, I want in on whatever regimen she's doing!

Friday, January 24, 2014

It's Friday, I'm In Love... with Theo and Beau!

Have you ever come across something that warms your heart so much you simply can't get enough of it? Well this is one of those for me and I truly cannot get enough. 

We first met Mommas Gone City's duo in November and since then, Theo and Beau have completely stolen my heart... literally! Ask anyone who has been with me the past few weeks and they will tell you that I can't stop talking about how cute these little boogers are. 

Just a boy and his dog... This is what friendship is all about!

So, TGIF my friends and an ode to #TheoandBeau and to the joys of friendship
(not to get all sappy on you or anything)!

This was the #TheoandBeau debut and it only gets cuter from here... way, way cuter!

...and the naps just get cuter...

...and cuter!

When they're not napping, they're being equally as precious!

I mean, can you even handle this?

Back to the napping...

Living the American dream!

Puppies seem to grow a little faster than kiddos

Just about the same size!

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