Thursday, October 28, 2010

New Orleans Bound!

I'm heading to New Orleans this evening to spend the weekend with a dear friend from college
and I can't wait!

Check out this wonderful New Orleans Queen Anne Cottage featured in House Beautiful

Front Parlor

Second Porch

 Master Bathroom


Master Bedroom

Monday, October 25, 2010

Matchy, Matchy Monday Done Right

 One of my pet peeves is a room full of matchy matchy furniture.  I prefer to mix it up with contrasting textures, patterns, and coordinating colors. 
After all, the art of design is in the mix.

So now you’re going to think I’m a hypocrite but …
Something about the combination of wallpaper used with coordinating fabric has really been catching my eye recently. 
I realize it’s a bit of a “page of out the old vintage decorating book”, but I believe 
if done right (limiting yourself to just one piece of matching fabric) it can really make a statement!

What are your thoughts on matchy matchy done right?

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