Wednesday, August 31, 2011

White Filled Wednesday ... Time's A-Tickin'!

Yikes, put on your whites!!

As traditional Southern protocol has it, white is not to be worn after Labor Day which means you have 5 more days to don your crisp whites before retiring them for the summer! Sad to think that is the case but luckily this bit of "Southern protocol" has seemed to slip over the years and your grandmother may not forgive you for wearing your whites after this holiday.  With that said though, be careful with the fabric... might be time to retire your white linen for the summer - or maybe not!

In doing a bit of intel, it seems as though noone really knows where the tradition began but I did learn that Labor Day marks when the Navy switches from their white uniforms to their navy blue uniforms. Maybe I've been living under a rock but I didn't realize that so there's your tidbit for the day in case you didn't know either.

So fresh and clean! 

 Kourtney K and little Mason looking stylish in white

This room is proof that varying shades of white can be mixed and matched! 

White centerpiece and with fewer blooms this can be done on a budget - never hurts!

A good white dress is a true summer staple!

All white bathroom. Quite nice!

Great neutral entry way adorned with white!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday's Marvel!

Ahh, the week I thought would never come is finally here!
Now it's only a matter of making it to Thursday night ... well, really making it until I am sitting on the beach Friday morning but if I can at least touch down in Charleston I will feel like I am well on my way to vacation!

In preparation for my long-awaited upcoming trip to Charleston and the beach, I wanted to share with you this FABULOUS Old Village 'cottage' I just came across.  Besides the un-real view of the harbor this family gets to enjoy, the decor is out of this world! 
Decorated by Melissa Ervin, who I instantly have become a fan of, this home is one for the books!! 

Enjoy marveling!!

Love the apple green dining room chairs! Colorful without being too overbearing! 

Since the kitchen floors did not match the rest of the house's floors, why not paint them green! 
Fabulous touch!

This porch is fabulous and looks out over one of my favorite Charleston views - the harbor! 
This vintage fishing net is a fabulous touch of decor to the porch without obstructing the view - great find. 

Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday's Must Have.... A Pillow to Rest My Head!

After a fabulous weekend of celebrating in Nashville
all I can think about is finding a pillow (and a bed) to rest my head!

Love the pillows which accent the dust ruffle and matching Louis Berger chair perfectly!

The pillows, tea, the view... it all looks so serene!

 I could sink right into these fabulous pink and orange pillows on this daybed!

 Fab Turquoise Pillows!

Loving all the patterns and colors - and pillows!!
Might be a bit much for me but still loving!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Off to Nashville!!!

I'm off to Nashville tomorrow to celebrate with my best friend and her fiance -
and more importantly,
Stock Their Bar
before their big day in a couple of weeks!!

In light of my excitement, thought I would share a few seemingly simple at-home bars!

Bottoms up, C and P!

Cheers to a weekend of celebrating!!

Everything about this home is fabulous - including the convenient wet bar in the living room!

Fabulous and practical bar cart!

Fabulous antique put to good use displaying the bar!
(Can't help but notice the fabulous ghost chairs as well!)

 Love the gold bamboo bar cart!

Pink Bar Cart in the backyard? I'll take it!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

No Need to Fret Work ..... Just Surround Yourself with Fretwork!!!

I just couldn't resist the terrible pun!
(or maybe I've just lost my marbles?!)
But thankfully, we're all friends here.

I love fretwork and admittedly never knew it by the term Fretwork. So, when I learned this term I wanted to share (and couldn't hold back on the corny joke either.) 

 So to get technical for a minute....
According to sources, Fretwork describes an interlaced decorative pattern (usually geometric) in design.
Fretwork is a carpentry technique of cutting thin pieces of wood with a fine-bladed saw (called a fret saw) to form shapes or patterns. The fretwork pattern might be left “open” (meaning you can see through it), as often seen on mirrors (see above) or table galleries, or it might be “blind”, meaning it’s carved into or applied to a solid surface and therefore can’t be seen through. 

So, here's to not fretting work today - or the rest of this week! 
Enjoy some lovely Fretwork instead!

Tobi Fairley Bedroom Desk

Fretwork chairs bring a splash of color to this black and white kitchen.

Fabulous fretwork wingback chair

Moroccan-inspired pocket door with fretwork! Would love to know where this leads...

The fretwork and mirror combo above these windows (you might have to look closely to tell) really extends the windows and creates a wonderful effect.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy National Relaxation Day!

Had I known today was National Relaxation Day, I would have planned to do just that!!
Unfortunately today starts a super busy week at work but we all deserve a few moments of relaxation throughout the day - especially on a day honoring our favorite pastime -  RELAXING!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thursday's Total Dream House...

From the exterior to the kitchen, the sun-nook to the closet - I AM IN LOVE! 
If I could take this New England home and move it to the beach where its warm 360 days a year (nothing against New England, I know it is beautiful, but I'm dreaming here...), I would never leave!

Enjoy today's daydream!

 How did they know that Turquoise is one of my favorite colors and I love white kitchens... This house was made for me! 

 A back porch and patio are essential and of course this house has one! 

Fresh tulips waiting - thank you! 

 I honestly could live in this closet!

This dream home's pictures are courtesy of New England Home

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