Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday's Marvel!

Ahh, the week I thought would never come is finally here!
Now it's only a matter of making it to Thursday night ... well, really making it until I am sitting on the beach Friday morning but if I can at least touch down in Charleston I will feel like I am well on my way to vacation!

In preparation for my long-awaited upcoming trip to Charleston and the beach, I wanted to share with you this FABULOUS Old Village 'cottage' I just came across.  Besides the un-real view of the harbor this family gets to enjoy, the decor is out of this world! 
Decorated by Melissa Ervin, who I instantly have become a fan of, this home is one for the books!! 

Enjoy marveling!!

Love the apple green dining room chairs! Colorful without being too overbearing! 

Since the kitchen floors did not match the rest of the house's floors, why not paint them green! 
Fabulous touch!

This porch is fabulous and looks out over one of my favorite Charleston views - the harbor! 
This vintage fishing net is a fabulous touch of decor to the porch without obstructing the view - great find. 

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