Wednesday, August 17, 2011

No Need to Fret Work ..... Just Surround Yourself with Fretwork!!!

I just couldn't resist the terrible pun!
(or maybe I've just lost my marbles?!)
But thankfully, we're all friends here.

I love fretwork and admittedly never knew it by the term Fretwork. So, when I learned this term I wanted to share (and couldn't hold back on the corny joke either.) 

 So to get technical for a minute....
According to sources, Fretwork describes an interlaced decorative pattern (usually geometric) in design.
Fretwork is a carpentry technique of cutting thin pieces of wood with a fine-bladed saw (called a fret saw) to form shapes or patterns. The fretwork pattern might be left “open” (meaning you can see through it), as often seen on mirrors (see above) or table galleries, or it might be “blind”, meaning it’s carved into or applied to a solid surface and therefore can’t be seen through. 

So, here's to not fretting work today - or the rest of this week! 
Enjoy some lovely Fretwork instead!

Tobi Fairley Bedroom Desk

Fretwork chairs bring a splash of color to this black and white kitchen.

Fabulous fretwork wingback chair

Moroccan-inspired pocket door with fretwork! Would love to know where this leads...

The fretwork and mirror combo above these windows (you might have to look closely to tell) really extends the windows and creates a wonderful effect.

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