Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mystified by Mustique!!

Well friends, you have heard me talk all too often of my love for the beach but let me tell you what happened this morning while going through the motions to get ready for work... 
I fell head over heels, hands down absolutely in love with mystifyingly beautiful Mustique.
There are an overwhelming number of beautiful beaches out there but wow, this one truly is blissful!

The news report of Kate and William's visit to Mustique left me dreaming of one day pretending to be a princess vacationing in this mystifying heaven on earth! 

How anyone ever chooses between the 74 villas on the Island seems virtually impossible to me but if that's your issue of the day, than I'd consider you one lucky duck!

Cannot pick a favorite but this one definitely is at the top of my list!

Don't get me wrong, I'd stay in any of these too!

Tiled Tuesday

Tiles can add color and texture to just about anything - floor, ceiling, walls, backsplash!
Don't be afraid to tile!

Lovely tile work on the kitchen walls!

How great would this be in your farmhouse - with the barn-like doors? 
Oh, and love the tile too!

White tile meets white cabinets - looks clean and crisp!

How fun is this tiling
I'm picturing an awesome half bath in that dream house... 

 Fabulous master bath tiled floor

 This is one welcoming mud room - tiled floor and all!

Not sure I could ever commit to Chevron Tile as bold as this but more power to you if you can - I'm coming to visit! Love it!

Nemo tiles - love the red border

Tiled bathroom

Great tiled kitchen floor

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