Friday, January 24, 2014

It's Friday, I'm In Love... with Theo and Beau!

Have you ever come across something that warms your heart so much you simply can't get enough of it? Well this is one of those for me and I truly cannot get enough. 

We first met Mommas Gone City's duo in November and since then, Theo and Beau have completely stolen my heart... literally! Ask anyone who has been with me the past few weeks and they will tell you that I can't stop talking about how cute these little boogers are. 

Just a boy and his dog... This is what friendship is all about!

So, TGIF my friends and an ode to #TheoandBeau and to the joys of friendship
(not to get all sappy on you or anything)!

This was the #TheoandBeau debut and it only gets cuter from here... way, way cuter!

...and the naps just get cuter...

...and cuter!

When they're not napping, they're being equally as precious!

I mean, can you even handle this?

Back to the napping...

Living the American dream!

Puppies seem to grow a little faster than kiddos

Just about the same size!

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