Monday, December 31, 2012

Cheers to the Year Past and the Year to Come!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Turquoise, Christmas and Bliss!

When push comes to shove, I guess I'd say I'm traditional HOWEVER if given the option to be a little bit of all things, I am all about some pops of non-traditional flare of course!! 
While turquoise may not be the natural next to follow red and green in the list of holiday colors, it sure does seem to make for some beautiful decor!! 
So if you've felt like your decor has been missing a little something the past few weeks, perhaps some turquoise splashed in there would be just the umph you're looking for? 

Here's to hoping your season is filled with Turquoise, Christmas and Bliss!    

Turquoise accented table in a beautiful deep blue turquoise dining room. 

Turquoise and Green gift wrap goes perfectly with Christmas cheer!

Turquoise door perfectly accented by ribbon and wreaths! 

Easy decor -- turquoise ornaments (or any color for that matter) set in all of your silver pieces. 

The turquoise accented stockings were hung by the chimney with care...

Amazing Christmas display in designer Richard Keith Langham's Manhattan showroom and studio
... and how about that 20 ft tree?

Friday, December 14, 2012

Peppermint Ice Cream Bliss!

In all the hustle and bustle of the season, I lost track of time yesterday and didn't have a chance to share with you some festive frozen treats on none other than National Ice Cream Day! I figure it's never too late for ice cream though so here you go, just one day late! 

How cute are these -- prep the peppermint ice cream cups ahead of time and then set up a sauce bar for your guests! 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tag-gy Tuesday!

Undoubtedly, I am a lover of all things paper so it comes as no surprise that I am always looking at gift tags for cool new ideas! 
A few of the favorites I have seen so far this holiday season! 

Here's to Tag-gy Tuesday... 
Not to be confused with tacky, which accurately and admirably describes the tour our limo ride took us on this past weekend in Richmond. Let me tell you -- those houses fabulously decked to the nines! 

Winter Berries Gift Tags from Rifle Paper Co.

Comfort and Joy with Wine Tags

Paper Source's Holiday Animals Tags

Monday, December 10, 2012

Merry, Merry Magnolia!

Friends, I'm back and promise to make up for all the lost time!!

Magnolia leaves are as simple and yet elegant and pretty as they come and boy are they the perfect addition to all of your holiday decor! Be on the lookout for a magnolia tree in your neighborhood to borrow a few leaves from and spruce up your mantle, garland, tablescape, or wreath!  

Merry, Merry Magnolia!

So simple -- Magnolia leaves with tea lights. Subtle twinkling glow.

Magnolia garland adorning the staircase -- about as traditional and festive as it gets. 
Simply adore!

Magnolia can easily be added to any wreath

Magnolia with Christmas Greenery

Magnolia and Pine Cone Garland

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Have No Fear, Election Day is Here!

These election-themed goodies are far more exciting than the election-related ads that have been filling up the airways the past month -- phew, they have been out of control in my opinion. 
But that is neither here nor there as Election Day has arrived! 

I missed the boat this go-round but I will vow to be prepared for the next presidential election with some of these fabulous election-themed goodies. 

Any excuse to have a party!

(I'm especially loving these paper goods... Total sucker for paper!)
Adorable Ruff House Election Themed Paper Goods -- wish I had come across these sooner! 

Your dog can rock the (i.e. your) vote too with these great vineyard vine donkey and elephant leashes

Hail to the Chief Letterpress Print

For the kid in all of us -- Uncle Goose Presidential Blocks

Toms has a pair for everything and everyone -- including the politico! 

I know a certain someone who has a thing for pinatas so I don't doubt she would dig these today!

 America Cutting Board -- Cute gift from Target for only $17.50

TShirt that both parties can agree on - America

Election Day 2012

It's a big day for our country. Do your part to make it count!  


Monday, November 5, 2012

An Elephant Never Forgets...

Tomorrow is a big day: Elephant take on the Donkeys...
...which will it be?
Only time will tell!

I recently learned that Thomas Nast, the cartoonist famous for drawing the donkey, adopted by the Democratic party, and the elephant, adopted by the Republican party, was also the first person to draw Santa Claus as a fat, bearded elf... Fun fact, eh?

Back to the elephant in the room... tomorrow is a big day for our country. I am not going to get too political here but I will say -- vote! It is a right that we are lucky to have as a citizen of this glorious country so exercise it!

Now, with that and affiliations aside, I love elephants. 

Elephant Pillow -- impressive Target find
J.Crew's Enameled Elephant Bracelet
Iomoi Elephant Stationary

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