Monday, December 10, 2012

Merry, Merry Magnolia!

Friends, I'm back and promise to make up for all the lost time!!

Magnolia leaves are as simple and yet elegant and pretty as they come and boy are they the perfect addition to all of your holiday decor! Be on the lookout for a magnolia tree in your neighborhood to borrow a few leaves from and spruce up your mantle, garland, tablescape, or wreath!  

Merry, Merry Magnolia!

So simple -- Magnolia leaves with tea lights. Subtle twinkling glow.

Magnolia garland adorning the staircase -- about as traditional and festive as it gets. 
Simply adore!

Magnolia can easily be added to any wreath

Magnolia with Christmas Greenery

Magnolia and Pine Cone Garland

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