Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Turquoise, Christmas and Bliss!

When push comes to shove, I guess I'd say I'm traditional HOWEVER if given the option to be a little bit of all things, I am all about some pops of non-traditional flare of course!! 
While turquoise may not be the natural next to follow red and green in the list of holiday colors, it sure does seem to make for some beautiful decor!! 
So if you've felt like your decor has been missing a little something the past few weeks, perhaps some turquoise splashed in there would be just the umph you're looking for? 

Here's to hoping your season is filled with Turquoise, Christmas and Bliss!    

Turquoise accented table in a beautiful deep blue turquoise dining room. 

Turquoise and Green gift wrap goes perfectly with Christmas cheer!

Turquoise door perfectly accented by ribbon and wreaths! 

Easy decor -- turquoise ornaments (or any color for that matter) set in all of your silver pieces. 

The turquoise accented stockings were hung by the chimney with care...

Amazing Christmas display in designer Richard Keith Langham's Manhattan showroom and studio
... and how about that 20 ft tree?

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