Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pillow Fight!!

I have always adored Caitlin Wilson's interior design work so it comes as no surprise that her new line of textilesis simply to-die-for. Patterns and colors are truly her forte! 
The ability to mix and match her new textiles leaves me swooning over all of the possibilities!!
These throw pillows are just the beginning of the possibilities for all of her beautiful designs

Enjoy ewing and ahhing over these fabulous pillows - these would bring bliss to any space!

How cute would this bed and bedding be in that beach house of your dreams? 

Love the bright contemporary pillows paired with the traditional antiques!

Mix and Match!

Sooo cute for a little girl's room!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Twice as Nice Tuesday!

 By golly, it has been a long one already and it's only Tuesday!
I am really counting on the power of positive thinking to get me through today (and the rest of the week!)

So, on the bandwagon of positive thinking - 
Today will be twice as nice as yesterday. 
Tomorrow will be twice as nice as today. 
Friday then is sure to be fabulous!

These guest bedrooms are twice as nice with two twin beds, too!

 A beach house which sleeps tons of guests is a dream, so these twin beds are just perfect.

Fabulous use of this nook!

Love the Turquoise punches of color!

Stripes galore on this cute child's bedroom - equipped with twin beds.

Red and white stripes adorn not just these adorable red twin beds but the ceiling as well!

These twin beds perfectly optimize the small space. 
(...and of course love the headboards and turquoise accents as well!)

Adorable bedroom with twin beds - chic yet very personable.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Time to Drink Some Wine!

T.G.I.F. Friends!!

Some friends and I are heading out of the district to some of Virginia's vineyards tomorrow for our 
Third Annual Wine Tasting Adventure! 
So excited to spend the day in the "country", enjoying the fresh fall air and LOTS of delicious wine too of course!  

In light of the wine we'll be tasting, thought I would share some fabulous ideas for storing wine! 
Afterall, you must always have a few extra bottles on hand!

Cheers to the weekend, Loves!

What a FABULOUS table - with a built-in wine chiller - for a party! 

This window seat - conveniently located next to the wine chiller and the wine glasses - would be the perfect perch between drinks!

Secret wine storage drawer under the stairs - brilliant use of space!

LOVING this "wine cellar" - such a great use of space!

Breakfast Room with a fabulous wine chiller cabinet

Wine storage in your kitchen island - great use of space and very convenient!

Built-in wine rack and wine glass storage among bookshelves

This creative wine storage would be fabulous in a mountain house. 
Goes right along with the rustic-chic decor! 

 What a fun little piece this antique green wine rack is!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

X Marks the Spot of Thursday's Treasure

Y'all know how much I love benches (particularly at the end of the bed) so it's no surprise that I am loving the X-Bench these days! 
For every room in your house - bedroom, living room, bathroom - it's the perfect stylish addition, not to mention it is practical, too!

Jonathan Adler's X-Bench

Serena and Lily's X-Bench comes in over two dozen fabulous fabrics!

These X-Benches fit perfectly (and look adorable!) under the console table and can serve as extra seating when necessary!

Fabulous Hallway console table with a matching X Bench!

Love the orange and gold X-Benches
Perfect for extra seating in the family room.

What a fabulous room - complete with a gorgeous grey with orange piping X-Bench

Love the upholstered x-stools which double as ottomans and tables

Love the white upholstered x-ottoman benches

A X-Bench as your vanity stool, why not?

Friday, October 14, 2011

It's Friday, I'm In Love... with Screen Porches!

Phew, what a long week this has been and boy am I glad it's Friday!
It is no secret that I love sitting outside - in the SUN of course - and sitting on a porch relaxing with friends is one of my favorite things to do.
All of this rain has left me wishing I had a screen porch to spend the evenings on! 
Last week while I was home I was reminded just how much I love a good old fashion screen porch.  My family uses ours all of the time and now that I have not had one for many years I have come to realize just how much I miss being able to sit outside even when it's raining or cold!

So, with a forecast of rain this weekend, I hope you can find a screen porch to post-up on and still enjoy some fresh air! 

Cheers to a Blissful weekend, my dears!

Love the swing on this screen porch!

Bright and Cheery Screen Porch

Modern coffee table paired with traditional wicker sofas make this a welcoming and stylish screen porch!

Beautiful Round Screen Porch

Beautiful Screen Porch in the mountains

Why not paint the floors of your screen porch?! Love it!

Love the blues of this cottage screen porch

Screen porch comprised of many screen doors - cool effect!

Garden & Gun's Winner of the Screen Porch Contest
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