Friday, October 21, 2011

Time to Drink Some Wine!

T.G.I.F. Friends!!

Some friends and I are heading out of the district to some of Virginia's vineyards tomorrow for our 
Third Annual Wine Tasting Adventure! 
So excited to spend the day in the "country", enjoying the fresh fall air and LOTS of delicious wine too of course!  

In light of the wine we'll be tasting, thought I would share some fabulous ideas for storing wine! 
Afterall, you must always have a few extra bottles on hand!

Cheers to the weekend, Loves!

What a FABULOUS table - with a built-in wine chiller - for a party! 

This window seat - conveniently located next to the wine chiller and the wine glasses - would be the perfect perch between drinks!

Secret wine storage drawer under the stairs - brilliant use of space!

LOVING this "wine cellar" - such a great use of space!

Breakfast Room with a fabulous wine chiller cabinet

Wine storage in your kitchen island - great use of space and very convenient!

Built-in wine rack and wine glass storage among bookshelves

This creative wine storage would be fabulous in a mountain house. 
Goes right along with the rustic-chic decor! 

 What a fun little piece this antique green wine rack is!

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