Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Twice as Nice Tuesday!

 By golly, it has been a long one already and it's only Tuesday!
I am really counting on the power of positive thinking to get me through today (and the rest of the week!)

So, on the bandwagon of positive thinking - 
Today will be twice as nice as yesterday. 
Tomorrow will be twice as nice as today. 
Friday then is sure to be fabulous!

These guest bedrooms are twice as nice with two twin beds, too!

 A beach house which sleeps tons of guests is a dream, so these twin beds are just perfect.

Fabulous use of this nook!

Love the Turquoise punches of color!

Stripes galore on this cute child's bedroom - equipped with twin beds.

Red and white stripes adorn not just these adorable red twin beds but the ceiling as well!

These twin beds perfectly optimize the small space. 
(...and of course love the headboards and turquoise accents as well!)

Adorable bedroom with twin beds - chic yet very personable.


  1. Gorgeous post! I love the lamp in the third picture :)

    Abbey x

  2. what a gorgeous collection. just discovered your blog and love it!
    your new fan


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