Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tiled Tuesday

Tiles can add color and texture to just about anything - floor, ceiling, walls, backsplash!
Don't be afraid to tile!

Lovely tile work on the kitchen walls!

How great would this be in your farmhouse - with the barn-like doors? 
Oh, and love the tile too!

White tile meets white cabinets - looks clean and crisp!

How fun is this tiling
I'm picturing an awesome half bath in that dream house... 

 Fabulous master bath tiled floor

 This is one welcoming mud room - tiled floor and all!

Not sure I could ever commit to Chevron Tile as bold as this but more power to you if you can - I'm coming to visit! Love it!

Nemo tiles - love the red border

Tiled bathroom

Great tiled kitchen floor

1 comment:

  1. Hunter, that yellow striped bathroom is one of the coolest things I've ever seen! I'd probably be too chicken to do it, but WOW. Thanks for this lovely post!


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