Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Making Lemonade Out of Tuesday's Lemons!

I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but is anyone else ready for the week to be over?? In an effort to make the most out of it, here's to turning this weeks lemonade into your drink of choice!
Happy Tuesday!

I prefer Vodka Soda over Gin and Tonic but pick your poison! 

Lemons, Mason Jars, and Flowers - just lovely!

Pop of yellow in the curtains - so cheery!

Love the Marigold headboard and the lemon and white stools at the foot of the bed! 

Lemons down the aisle

Lemons and Tulips - the perfect tabletop decor!

Lemon Place Cards paired with the sunflowers - perfect for a rustic chic outdoor affair!

Lemon and white stripped bathroom


  1. Today was definitely a lemon of a day - I'm glad someone else is feeling the same way! Such a cute post - I hope to paint one of my rooms with stripes one day!

  2. SO happy to have found your blog! My 2 favorite things in the world are turquoise and lemons!!! So happy someone else thinks like me! Thanks for making this blog. I'm following it.
    Best wishes,

  3. These are such cute ideas. Yellow is a perfect color for summer. The lemons down the aisle is so unique


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