Monday, February 7, 2011

Brass Monkey Monday

Happy Brass Monkey Monday!

Who knew "Brass Monkey" meant so many things:
~ a drink made from mixing malt liquor with orange juice (no thank you!)
~a metal stand that formerly held cannon balls on ships
~a colloquial British expression for it being cold
~ a song by the Beastie Boys
......and the list goes on!

 For me, I love Monkeys and brass is making a major comeback so I just get a kick out of the term Brass Monkey!

Here are some wonderful rooms incorporating chic and unique touches of brass!

Brass tray table

 Vintage Brass Mirror

Petite brass accent table

 Vintage brass alarm clock

Chic brass floor lamp

Brass lamp and accessories

Brass Sputnik

Brass-and-walnut Cocktail Coffee Table

Brass pendants

Made-to-order La Cornue Chateau range in burnished stainless steel and brass

Brass umbrella rack

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