Monday, December 19, 2011

Four Christmases!

I can never pick just one "Favorite Christmas house" -- who could?
So, from South Carolina's coast to Beaufort, to Houston, and back to the South Carolina coast - here's just four of my favorites courtesy of Southern Living!

 This fabulous beach cottage is the perfect example of tailoring seasonal decor to fit your lifestyle! 
Surf and Sand meet festive decor in this fabulous home!

Absolutely love the mantel decorations here! 
Use indigenous, non-store bought accents from your backyard!

 Love the suggestion of putting small seasonal trees in silver containers for a festive touch that will last beyond December!

This Beaufort home is for more traditional of heart yet still oozing with warmth and and cheer!

 The contrast of the dark woods in the home with the white walls is the perfect backdrop for the greens and reds of Christmas!

Don't forget to decorate the kitchen, too!

This Houston home is a white winter wonderland filled with seasonal touches throughout
 Love the wreaths above the Palladium Doors

 Pretty boxwood garden with gold ribbon woven throughout

 Gingerbread houses are always a fun conversation piece

 Christmas in the master bedroom

Tabletop tree in the child's bedroom - adorable!

This Palmetto Bluff beach cottage is filled with just the right amount of simple yet elegant holiday cheer - free to stress and filled with joy!

 The porch of this home is an extension of the living room so how fun and different that the tree is out on the porch - love it!

 Love the square wreath hung above the fireplace with care

Again, festive cheer is crucial in the kitchen as well!


  1. Love your images. Especially the first few with the blues and greens. I recently saw these in Southern Living and posted about them too. My favorite is the chair in the first photograph. Love it!

  2. Hi Hunter,
    Thanks for entering the custom blog design giveaway at Priceless Design Studio! I love all the beautiful photos you have posted here. I would love to help you with the layout and design.

    Best of Luck!
    Katie Price


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