Monday, March 19, 2012

Brackets Galore

After a weekend filled with talk of brackets -- March Madness brackets that is -- I thought some of us might enjoy looking at brackets in a fresh light, the decorative brackets of course! Brackets are used in all sorts of home decorating, paper goods, jewelry, and more. 

So, on the Monday after the start of the infamous "Dance" that comes this time every March, I share with you brackets with a flair! 

For entry ways needing a table but which have too narrow a space, this is a perfect solution! 
BHG suggests topping a trio of sleek metal brackets with a rustic antique floorboard.

Elegant curved brackets and a plain board trimmed with carved molding make a dreamy bedside table

Decorative brackets are an easy embellishment to your kitchen island

Use of the Curly Bracket Transition on these letterpress invitations


  1. I LOVE that bracket ring! And those journaling tags are too cute!

  2. Fun post idea! I especially love the use of brackets in graphic design!


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