Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday's Must Have

French designer Alberto Pinto sure knows how to spice up any tabletop.  

His Lagon collection absolutely has me swooning with the perfect combinations of blues, turquoise, and oranges. I can only imagine the possibilities for entertaining, decorations, bookshelf displays -- the possibilities for this pattern are endless!

Love, love, love!

Other fabulous collections from Alberto Pinto

Raynaud "Cristobal", Turquoise

Such fun geometric shapes -- and how easily you could mix and match!
Agra Charger (top) and Dinner Plate

Dessert Plate - from Alberto Pinto's Chinoiserie Collection

Les Perroquets Collection 
Buffet Plate #5 (top) and Dessert Plate

I am not usually drawn to florally patterns but Alberto's even caught my eye!

Soup Plate -- from Alberto Pinto's Jardin D'Orchidees Collection

Dessert Plate -- from Alberto Pinto's Magnolia Collection

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