Friday, July 6, 2012

It's Friday... Find a Fan!!

Ceiling fans get a bum rep as outdated decorating faux pas but... if you have ever lived in a humid place you can attest to ceiling fans holding a near and dear place in your heart! 
I am not saying you need to give way to a standard utilitarian ceiling fan though.
There are plenty of options out there that can add flair to your room or blend into the ceiling without being an eye sore, but don't forget -- you do need to keep them clean!
With triple digit temps expected this weekend, I figure we can all appreciate a cool breeze so cheers to a weekend spent within reach of a fan!

fabulous porch complete with a decorative ceiling fan

Palisades Double Ceiling Fan adds a great touch to the decor of this coastal home

Outdoor dining area complete with an overhead fan

Bedroom with ceiling fan

Fans in all corners of the room

The uniquely shaped boat propeller fan is perfect with this long and narrow nautical boys' room

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