Monday, July 12, 2010

A Few Treasures From a Wonderful Vacation in Heaven - Charleston, SC

In case I haven't made it obvious from previous posts, Charleston, SC is truly my "happy place." I am just returning from a long weekend mini-vacation there with some dear friends and wanted to share a glimpse into a few things I saw along the way in follow-up to last week's Slice of Heaven post.

(More to come....)

My friends introduced me to Amen Street, now the newest addition to my enormous, always growing list of favorite Charleston restaurants. In addition to having the most delicious lowcountry southern cuisine, I fell in love with their oyster shell chandeliers.  They are just phenomenal - and so fitting for the cuisine.

Taco Boy (downtown) has such unique decor. Unfortunately, I didn't get more pictures but I love these colorful glass chandeliers.  I love the unique look - almost as much as I love their frozen screwdrivers.  One of the most divine drinks I have tasted!

What a magnificent window box. Nothing fancy yet it adds a wonderful splash of classy, tasteful color to a facade.

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