Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday's Terrific Coffee Tables

Your coffee table may be the piece of furniture in a room that gets the most daily use so finding the right one for your needs is not easy.  

There are so many different types of coffee tables to choose from. 
You may want a coffee table that doubles as a foot rest (which for me certainly is the case!), that simply fills space in bigger rooms, one that also serves as storage space if your room lacks shelving, or a coffee table you can easily use as a study table or a place for your laptop.

  Two rules of thumb to remember when selecting a coffee table:
* The length of the coffee table should be three-fourths the length of your sofa. This way, none of your furniture pieces will look jarring or out of place; and you’ll get enough space to walk around too. In other words, the room shouldn’t look crammed up by the addition of this new piece of furniture.

* The height of the table should complement the sitting arrangement. If the table is too low, you’ll find it uncomfortable to place coffee cups and even play chess on it. If the table is too high, it might interfere with the view in the front and even look awkward.

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