Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wondering on a Wednesday... What's Goin' on in the Kitchen... Sink?

The sink is center of activity in the kitchen. The type of sink you choose for your kitchen can determine the entire kitchen's design and there are so many wonderful options out there... So choose wisely!
Here is a little inspiration for your next kitchen sink!

Love, Love, LOVE the hammered finish of this sink and the cabinets around it. 
(To top things off - I spy a turquoise trinket on the counter, too.)
Dreaming of a sink and kitchen like this in my future...

This is only for the true entertainer.

The shabby chic kitchen spices up this commercial sink

The old cabinet used as the basin really gives this new sink some character.
(I can't help but notice the watermelon!)

Can't go wrong with this big, white sink

Just below all these vibrant dishes, check out the double stainless seal sink with lots of character!

A true "Farmhouse Sink"

This faucet sure would come in handy when cleaning big pots! 
A little utility-esque for me but it certainly would serve a purpose. 

Loving the black sink against the white cabinets. 
(I can imagine it would help hide dirt too...)

Great copper sink!

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