Monday, July 18, 2011

Much Ado on this Monday... About Diamonds and Cheer!

Fabulous news to report from the weekend -
my dear, dear friend got engaged!! 
Her wonderful beau popped the question,
she said 'Yes!', 
and she now has a GORGEOUS diamond on her finger!! 
I absolutely could not be more excited for them!

So in honor of diamonds, "a girl's best friend", I thought I would share some diamond inspired rooms. 
From floors to walls, curtains to pillows, diamonds look good on everything! 

Diamonds and stripes!  This rug is made for the geometric lover!

 Diamond Entry Hall

Fabulous bright and cheery diamond ikat print pillows

 Diamond Chairs

 Diamond Tiled Bathroom Floor

 Diamond Patterned Walls

Painted Diamond Rustic Kitchen Floor

Diamond Painted Floor - with the perfect matching diamond lattice bench cushion

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