Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday's Windows... the bathroom! 
While you do need to be mindful of ensuring you have some privacy in the bathroom, of all places, you can't beat natural sunlight for primping and putting your face on in the morning! 
The sunlight in these beautiful bathrooms looks like it would make getting ready for work in the morning a little more enjoyable!

The bathroom of my dreams! Filled with windows of varying shapes, arches, tiles, a vanity, mirrors - love, love, love!

Sunshine Yellow Bathroom with sunshine pouring in through the windows

Window, tub, glass tiles, mirrored vanity, and chaise lounge - this bathroom just about has it all! 
(and how fun would this be in a beach house?)

 Nook converted into a bathroom - fabulous placement of vanity in front of window!

Love the vintage mirror hanging on the window - and the collection of beach treasures on the window sill!

I can only imagine that the view out that window must be some sort of paradise!

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