Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thursday's Treasure Hunt - the Makings of the Perfect Gallery Wall

It takes a certain knack to assemble and an eye for collecting the makings for the perfect a Gallery Wall!

Like with mu inept ability for arranging bookshelves, I have yet to find the necessary knack to use what I have to create the Gallery Wall I am envisioning in my head (it's this one wall in my bedroom that has now remained blank for ever a year...) I have been searching with no luck for any anchor pieces to spur "the perfect Gallery Wall" I have in my head but the wall remains empty.
That being said, I cannot let the concept go and am determinded to find what I have been searching for.
In the meantime though, I seem to be completely paralyzed by the overwhelming number of things to consider: Is a symmetrical balanced Gallery Wall your preference or are you going for a hodge podge of images, frames colors, shapes and sizes?
Do want to have a theme to the wall or create some interest with random odds and ends?
Do you want frames to all be the same color - regardless of whether or not they are the same size?

Then, how to assemble the Galley Wall so that it does not look too makeshift yet is not too symmetrical and straight laced that it looses the appeal of a Gallery Wall. 

While the search for pieces for my Gallery Wall continues, I will let these fabulous compiled ones inspire me in the meantime!

So much to look at on the Gallery Wall of this home office.
(Can't help but point out the turquoise upholstered chair - love the velvet!)

The wall along a staircase is perfect for a Gallery Wall

Colorful Gallery Wall in a home office

Nautical Themed Gallery Wall - perfect for that beach house guest room perhaps?

Love the look of a Gallery Wall for the space behind a couch

Pottery Barn Gallery Wall

How fabulous are these large Audubon bird prints? Together they make up a phenomenal Gallery Wall fitting for the grand scale and tall ceilings of this room!

This Gallery Wall adds just the right amount of spunk to this neutral toned bedroom.
(Love the turquoise chest, too!)

 Adorable in a child's nursery or bedroom


  1. They are tricky aren't they?! These are all great examples of the gallery wall done well!

    Abbey x

  2. I just found you via tumblr... I love your blog!

    I started blogging about two months ago... please check out my blog if you get a chance..



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