Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wishing on a Wishbone!

I love rituals and while I try not to be too supersticious, it never hurts to have a little extra luck on your side, right? The pulling of the wishbone is a common Thanksgiving tradition so in an effort to get you thinking about being prepared with the perfect wish prepared should you find yourself tugging on a wishbone a week from today, here is some wishbone inspiration.   

Brass Wishbones

Martha Stewart's Custom Holiday Wishbone Napkins

How cute would these Thanksgiving Plates be for "the kids table"? 
(And I say that only because I am still seated at the kids table...)

Since there's only one wishbone in your turkey, why not give everyone a shot at having a wish come true.

And of course, for year-round wishing, there is always the Wishbone Chair. 
Made famous by Hans Wegner who introduced the chair in the 1950s, the Wishbone Chair is one of the Danish modernist's most identifiable designs. The frame is solid wood; the seat is papercord, a resilient rope woven of paper developed in Sweden.

While this chair is not something I am typically drawn to, having done a bit of research now I am coming around and starting to think in the perfect breakfast room, nook, office, or porch, this chair certainly serves a purpose and remains stylish yet minimalist.

This chair certainly evokes a sense of modern styling with rustic elegance.

Rustic Kitchen with Wishbone Chairs

Wishbone Chairs in a sunny breakfast room

Adorable lime green Wishbone Chair in a child's room

Wishbone Chairs meet Animal Skin Rug

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  1. I love this post! Have never thought of wish bones as a design element until now


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