Monday, August 20, 2012

Marvelous Jewels on a Marvelous Monday

Well, Monday isn't exactly Marvelous but the power of positive thinking here, right? And, if you were to be wearing jewels such as these at your desk today, don't you think it would help you feel a wee bit more marvelous?

So, we all know Rachel Zoe is a little crazy but let's be honest, whatever your opinion of her is, there's no doubt this lady has style and is impeccably decked to the nines at any given moment, right? Not to mention, she is always dripping in drool worthy jewels (afterall, she has to balance out that 10 carat sparkler her hubby gave her as a "push present".)  So, when I read earlier this month that Neiman Marcus announced the official launch of Rachel's first collection of vintage-inspired costume jewelry, it came as no surprise that there are many-a-piece I would love to adorn! 

You will find most designs come in either green, red or black quartz so you can take your pick or mix and match.  It's costume jewelry afterall so I having a choice of stones in the same design is typical, yet each piece still seems to appear to be "one of a kind"!

Here's to hoping your Monday is marvelous -- with or without jewels!

Chain-Maille Bracelet, Green Quartz

Green Quartz  Earrings

Green Quartz Square Ring

Love Me Knot Bracelet, Wide

Tassel Bracelet

Domed Crystal Ring

Three-Row Chain Bracelet

The Single Chain Bracelet 
...for those looking for something a little less chunky

Tassel Pendant Necklace, Black Quartz

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