Monday, September 10, 2012

Blake and Ryan Sure Have Great Taste

As if I needed another reason to love Ryan Reynolds... He and Blake picked a page out of my book of favorites!
The perfect rustic, chic, southern plantation is said to have been the place to be this weekend for Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds' nuptials! Boone Hall Plantation, just outside of Charleston, is full of charm so not surprising that Blake and Ryan found it the perfect place to say 'I do'! 

The Cotton Dock on the grounds of Boone Hall Plantation is one of Charleston's most popular wedding venues and while it would typically be a tad on the rustic side for me it is about as rustic chic as it gets and provides the perfect backdrop for a fabulous evening celebrating.  

With some beautiful decor like this, it's hard not to love the setting!

Anxiously waiting Blake and Ryan's photogs but until then, this will give you an idea of how beautiful they will be...


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