Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tuesday's Lowcountry Treasure

Thanks to House of Turquoise for resurfacing this gem a few weeks ago. 
Located in Palmetto Bluff, South Carolina's Lowcountry -- which of course automatically made for love at first site -- this home exhibits southern charm and beauty at it's best. 

Let me take you through this magnificent abode.

First, the exterior.
How about this front porch? And the shutters? Doesn't get much more inviting than this, and frankly, with a porch like this, you hardly even need to go inside (but it's too good not to so hang on a sec.)

Love the turquoise shutters... 
...and the gas lanterns!
This outdoor living room on the porch is fit for a king!

And the back porch - just a great as the front!
 Love the brick fireplace...
...and every beach home of course needs a swing!

Now, time to peek inside. 
We'll start with the kitchen.

This open kitchen is about as close to perfect as it gets in my book.
The beautiful mahogany floors 

The Living Room -- dreamy! 

Even this stairwell - fabulous!

Great bedrooms!

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