Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Green Thumb Tuesday . . . Kale-Filled!

Crispy Kale is one of my favorite snacks these days -- if you haven't tried it you need to hop on the bandwaggon because it is crispy, slightly salty, deliciousness and it is good for you!
Anyways, not only is Kale fabulous crispy, but it is the perfect anchor plant in your fall potted container!

Rustic containers are perfect to fill with fall plants - and KALE!

A.) Aster B.) Flowering Kale C.) Licorice Plant

Just because it's fall does not mean you have to leave out the pretty, cheery pinks!
Pictured above: A.) Pink Mum  B.) Dusty Miller  C.) Purple Kale

 Kale adorning your windows - no reason not to! 
A.) Yellow mum -- Chrysanthemum 'Draga'  B.) Bronze mum -- Chrysanthemum 'Denise'  C.) Flowering kale -- Brassica 'Osaka Purple'  D.) Variegated ivy -- Hedera helix 'Glacier'

Potted Kale centerpiece with sprigs of eucalyptus pods

Flowering Kale adds color and texture!
A.)  Flowering kale -- Brassica 'Osaka White'  B.) Flowering kale -- Brassica 'Pigeon Purple'  C.) Flowering kale -- Brassica 'Redbor'

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