Tuesday, September 13, 2011

True Bliss! {Followed by a terrible case of back-to-reality blues...}

Well friends, I am back to reality - albeit, I am doing everything I can to fight it)! 
Vacation was absolutely fabulous filled with a dose of all the things I needed - Charleston, Family, Friends, Beach, SUN, ocean breeze, sunsets, cocktails, early morning walks on the beach, a dear friends absolutely beautiful wedding... the list goes on! 
A few snapshots of bliss to share with you!
(Please excuse the picture quality my camera seems to take pics that are just a notch above a disposable camera!)

There's nothing like an early morning walk on the beach as the tide goes out.

Maybe one day...

Walking along the North Edisto River in the morning is just as pretty - love all the green marsh grass!

Sunsets never get old!
Here are a few attempts at capturing the sky from a few nights (I will spare you from all of them!)

  Drinks at Rooftop in downtown Charleston - one of my (many) favorite views of the Harbor!

(These are my own personal pictures and are not to be republished without proper acknowledgement)

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