Thursday, September 22, 2011

Today's Your Day, Mr. Elephant!

Y'all know it is Elephant Appreciation Day, right? 
Psyche (or maybe not to those elephant enthusiasts)! 
I most certainly did not however I am more than happy to celebrate a day of the adorable trunk-clad beast!

In your home, at parties, on paper, with monkeys - 
I am loving Mr. Elephants appearance in and on just about everything!

In the words of my favorite Doc, 
"I meant what I said and I said what I meant - An elephant's faithful, one hundred percent!”
 Elephant's at home...
I would LOVE to have my own - so many options of where it could go!

 Elephant's make cute vases too!

Turquoise and White Tablescape with a splash of orange - complete with an elephant! 

Herend has always been a favorite - and of course they have a fabulous Elephant

Elephants at parties...
Super cute elephant themed baby shower!

Elephants on paper...
Bernard Maisner Custom Stationary

 Iomoi's ling the elephant with pink chippendale pattern makes for an adorable notepad!

Iomoi's Christmas Elephant Gift tags

Monkey on an Elephant - I'll take it!
Iomoi Heavy Round Paper Coasters

Elephants on accessories...
Very Large Jute Bag donning a fabulously adorable Elephant!

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