Friday, December 17, 2010

It's Friday, I'm In Love - With Christmas Cards!

If you know me, you know I love to send cards - birthday, anniversary, thank you, just to say hello, any kind of card! I often spend too much time in the card aisle.... whoops.

So when Christmas comes around, its no surprise I love sending and receiving Christmas cards. 
I look forward to going through the basket of cards at home and seeing pictures and reading updates on all of our family and childhood friends. 

While a basket does the trick for holding all of the beautiful cards and pictures, I love the idea of displaying them for all to see during the holiday season.  Here are some creative ideas for doing so....

Along your door frames!

Up your banister
Just LOVE this idea - with the perfect banister this could be so festive.

Festive Ribbon on your Doors

Make Your Own Card Tree

Along a window

Along your Mantle.

Christmas Card Wreath

Another take on using branches

Another use for Wrought Iron Garden Lattice

Clothes Pin Wreath

Strung along existing mirrors


  1. I displayed the cards I received this year up my staircase like the image you showed here. I usually just place them in a decorative bowl on our entryway table but this is so much more fun.

    (Is it just me or did you receive far fewer cards in the past couple of years?)

  2. I really loved the wreath made with clothes pin! wow! amazing!

    hugs from Sao Paulo - Brazil

    blog Achados de Decoração (aka Decoration Findings)


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